Spinet by Keene and Brackley c.1715

The strings measure as follows: 

e3 = 97.5mm

c3 (the short string of the pair) = 132.5mm
b2 = 133mm
c2 = 264
b1 = 268
c1 = 520
c = 1020
B = 1396 
GG = 1469mm
All strings are brass. This will tune to a=415.

Bought from Sheila Barnes by Peter Mole in 2006.
Restoration by Malcolm Rose in 2009.
Bought from Peter Mole by Peter Barnes in November 2014.
This spinet is now sold.

Photos of the case, wrestplank and keys:

Photos of case, jacks, keyboard and stringing information:

Photos taken through inspection hatch in baseboard: 

 Workshop plans are available for this instrument from Marc Vogel on: https://www.vogel-scheer.de 

Copies of the Book 'Making a Spinet by Traditional Methods' which John Barnes published as a result of his research into this spinet's construction are available from  Peacock Press http://www.northernbeebooks.co.uk 

Photographs taken of the spinet prior to restoration: These photos are referred to in the above book. 


John Barnes.