If you are abroad and are interested in transport for Musical instruments, then try these links:

LUCIAN DUMITRU. Two Spanish men with a UK van, based in London, delivering to UK, Spain and Portugal 07586464390 Great service delivering a harpsichord and clavichord to Madrid for 650 Euro.  on 8.10.2021.

C.A.N Logistics Uk Ltd. Uk and Spain. Used 16.6.2021 Good service! 07585181845

https://uk-transport.pl/ Collected and delivered to Poland 4.11.2021 Good service!

You could get some quotes from www.anyvan.com or try these people listed below, who have collected instruments from me in the past:

www.trago.sk +44 7746116451 collected instruments for Slovinia August 2020. Very good service.

Piotr delivered to Austria July 2020. +44 7925 787288 Great service.

F8 Star Limited collected instrument in January 2020 email F8star@outlook.com  +44 7921854399 

I also have had a harpsichord collected by http://www.jartrans.co.uk. in 2016. 

For U.K. deliveries try Albion Transport, Dave Anderson 07542649797 mailto:albiontransport@live.co.uk based in Bury St Edmonds.

For deliveries round the U.K, to Italy and the rest of Europe please contact http://www.jacksdeliveries.com +44 7763855297. Jack has delivered a square piano from me to central Italy in 2017.

 Peter Barnes.