Contact Us

 I am best contacted by email on but you can phone me on 07733619002. I am 10 miles south of Bath on the Somerset/ Wiltshire border. 46 Church Lane, Rode, Frome, Somerset, BA11 6PN.

If you are abroad and are interested in transport for Musical instruments, then try these links:

LUCIAN DUMITRU. Two Spanish men with a UK van, based in London, delivering to UK, Spain and Portugal 07586464390 Great service delivering a harpsichord and clavichord to Madrid for 650 Euro.  on 8.10.2021.

C.A.N Logistics Uk Ltd. Uk and Spain. Used 16.6.2021 Good service! 07585181845 Collected and delivered to Poland 4.11.2021 Good service!

You could get some quotes from or try these people listed below, who have collected instruments from me in the past: +44 7746116451 collected instruments for Slovinia August 2020. Very good service.

Piotr delivered to Austria July 2020. +44 7925 787288 Great service.

F8 Star Limited collected instrument in January 2020 email  +44 7921854399 

I also have had a harpsichord collected by in 2016. 

For U.K. deliveries try Albion Transport, Dave Anderson 07542649797 based in Bury St Edmonds.

For deliveries round the U.K, to Italy and the rest of Europe please contact +44 7763855297. Jack has delivered a square piano from me to central Italy in 2017.

 Peter Barnes.