Robert Deegan Double Manual Harpsichord, 1998

Transposing compass FF-f3, Poplar case, handsome stand, gold bands and a fine soundboard painting after Taskin by Sheila Barnes. This harpsichord is in good working order and can be seen just north of Manchester. The asking price is £9,950. Sold.
Bentside Spinet by John Storrs, c.1980.

This spinet has an FF-f3, five octave compass and is strung in iron and brass wire. It can be transposed to a=415 or 440. (Loosing bottom FF in 415 transposition)
The case and stand are in good condition and are made from solid poplar, making the instrument very light to carry about. 
The stand is screwed to the case and can be taken apart into three, flat sections for transport.

The spinet is 174cm long, 66cm wide at the widest point, (the back to the treble end of the keyboard,) and 17cm high. The stand is 65cm high. The weight is 22kg plus 3kg for the stand.

The sound file is from a similar instrument. The instrument is painted with a green exterior and red inside the lid.

This spinet has replacement strings, reworked jacks and new plectra. This instrument is now in good playing condition. 

For sale £1,900.