Peter Barnes provides a Concert hiring service. 

Hiring charges in the Bristol to Salisbury area start from £300 for a day hire, including transport and tuning. 

Recent hirings include 'Armonico Consort' in Malvern, The Orchestra of St John's with Sir James Galway in Cheltenham, ITV in Bristol and a spinet hiring for the Allison Goldfrapp exhibition at the Lowry in Manchester. 

Longer term hirings start at £160 per month plus transport.

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This is my one of my current hiring instruments; a copy of an Flemish harpsichord. It can be transposed to a=415 or 440 and has a compass of GG-f3 with 2 x 8' stops. The sound is full and loud.

Examples of concert hire rates including delivery and tuning: 

Bristol and Bath (30 mile radius of BA11) from £300.

Cheltenham and Cirencester from £350.

Malvern, Oxford from £400.

West London (100 mile radius from BA11) from £500.

Other instruments for hire can be chosen from my 'home page'.

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