Colin Booth has made many fine harpsichords and is an accomplished harpsichordist. I am pleased to be able to promote his CDs and printed music for him. These CDs are available through his own website 
Mattheson, The Melodious Talking Fingers: 
Printed Sheet music of the above CD:
The 48 Preludes and Fugues. 4 CD's:
Book: Did Bach Really Mean That? 349 fascinating pages of inspiration...
The Melodious Birde. My personal favorite of all Colin's CDs:
Fogliano to Froberger. Due for release shortly before 11th November 2021. I haven't hears this yet!
The Goldberg Variations. A much acclaimed recording of this masterpiece for harpsichord:
A selection of handmade Walnut tool boxes and cheese boards made by Colin Booth. £10-£40. Available only through Peter Barnes!