Colin Booth has made many fine harpsichords and is an accomplished harpsichordist. I am pleased to be able to promote his CDs and printed music for him. These CDs are available through his own website 
Mattheson, The Melodious Talking Fingers: 
Printed Sheet music of the above CD:
The 48 Preludes and Fugues. 4 CD's:
Book: Did Bach Really Mean That? 349 fascinating pages of inspiration...
The Melodious Birde. My personal favorite of all Colin's CDs:
Fogliano to Froberger. Due for release shortly before 11th November 2021. I haven't hears this yet!
The Goldberg Variations. A much acclaimed recording of this masterpiece for harpsichord:
A selection of handmade Walnut tool boxes and cheese boards made by Colin Booth. £10-£40. Available only through Peter Barnes!The antique case is in beautiful condition and houses a reproduction, five octave English harpsichord by Andrew Nolan. The main section of the baseboard is original and the front section, under the keyboard, is new. The lid and stand match the main case and are from the same original instrument.

All other parts are from the 1990's and were made by the harpsichord maker Andrew Nolan.