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Hass Clavichord stringing.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Friday, May 15, 2020, In : working on... 
Here is a photo of today's progress with finishing a clavichord started in 1976. Nearly there at last! 
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De Blaise Double finished, Hass Clavichord started.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Saturday, May 9, 2020, In : working on... 
Here is a link to my latest YouTube Video on harpsichord tuning. I had a bit of fun with that one!
Now the De Blaise is finished, I'm working on the Hass Clavichord that you can just see on my bench on the right of this photo. It is going to be painted in Green, with a Red interior. I'm so looking forward to hearing it!

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Hass Clavichord to finish.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Friday, March 13, 2020, In : Second-hand 
Hello to the 500 plus website visitors who visit this sight each month. Apparently this is your favourite page, so I had better start adding to it!

I have just receved this lovely Hass clavichord and am rather too busy to finish it myself, so it is offered for sale with a full size plan for £1,250. A great project, but not for someone who would want to rush it.
It was great fun pealing away the protective layer of 1978 newspaper and discovering just how well it was made (by a professional maker).
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