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Delin Harpsichord finished!

Posted by Peter Barnes on Saturday, April 4, 2020, In : New Harpsichords 
All that work and finally there is something to show for it. Large, light and very powerful!

It is probably time to tidy the workshop now!
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New Flemish Harpsichord after Albertus Delin.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Saturday, May 18, 2019, In : New build 
I'm now making a Flemish harpsichord out of very light French poplar, specially imported from a little saw mill in the south of France. 
The case is made and I'm working on the soundboard today.
The instrument is 210cm long, 88cm wide and 26cm high, slightly smaller than the Delin harpsichord kit produced some years ago by the Early Music Shop. The most striking difference however is the weight; American Tulip Wood, often called Poplar, is much more dense than French Poplar. I can't stop myself...
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