Having found that many people have difficulty with replacing strings on tuning pins with no holes, here is an system that may help, especially with the thicker strings:
Make a device for winding a coil at the end of your wire onto which you can screw the tuning pin. The pin you use for winding should be about 1-2mm narrower than the tuning pin diameter. This is used as shown in the photo, choosing the thinner axle for the 4ft pins and the thicker on for the 8ft. Put the end of the wire through the central hole, bend it flat against the other side, pull the wire taught (the end with the loop is on the hitch pin) and wind a close coil until you arrive over the tuning pin hole. Take off the coil and cut the tail away. Turn the tuning pin anti-clockwise and work the tuning pin into the coil. Place the coil in the correct place on the tuning pin to give some down-draught. When you turn the tuning pin clockwise the wire will grip tightly. There is a larger copy of the picture on my 'Servicing and repairs' page.