Between the odd bit of sailing,( details on ), I've been revoicing and restringing a number of 1970's instruments, the latest, a Mark Stevenson Virginal, has turned into a surprisingly good sounding instrument. Based on an English virginal, the plucking points are closer to the end of the strings than is typical for Italian instruments and, now that it has lighter strings, the sound is charming and the repetition fast. Lucky Francis Knights!
The one before this, an English Spinet by Clayson and Garrett 1972 has been revoiced and not before time. The old Delrin plectra were snapping frequently. Does this happen with 40 year old bird quill? Another good instrument rescued by a little careful work.
Next up: Zuckermann clavichord and a harpsichord. I'll need to go sailing after that!
Happy playing.