It was great meeting so many good friends at Greenwich, and many thanks to harpsichordist Alexandra Kremakova who helped me on my Early Music Shop Keyboard Instruments stand. For the lazy tuners among you we were offering the Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord for £2495 and this prompted me to make 'LESS THAN £2500' signs for many other instruments - a harpsichord, which I could have sold three times (more available on my website), four spinets and a polygonal virginal. There were Bizzi harpsichords ranging in price from £3,700 to £9,000, a modestly priced Double Manual Zuckermann made by the famous John Raymond of Edinburgh and a large harpsichord by Christopher Barlow. Do look at the EMS listings for details.
What with the Colin Booth books and Cd's, a Red Priest concert and everything else going on in the festival, I now feel like crawling under a stone for several days. Exhausting!
See you next year?!