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Raising a virginal bridge.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Tuesday, September 22, 2015, In : Soundboard repairs 
This is the first, and may be the last time that I've worked on a purple virginal!
Over time the soundboard on this virginal had bowed and the bridges had sunk to such an extent that the tenor strings buzzes against the soundboard when plucked. Attempts to raise the strings off the soundboard by fitting 'happynes posts' under the bridge resulted in raising the area of soundboard that was touching the bass and tenor strings so the 3-4mm of clearance needed between the strings and soundboard wa...
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Flemish Zuckermann Soundboard Repairs

Posted by Peter Barnes on Thursday, April 11, 2013, In : Soundboard repairs 
Here is a picture showing the support and glueing of the soundboard and bass end of the bridge. I love these sort of repairs because they are always a challenge!
 This next photo shows the temporary support under the soundboard:

..and this shows the clamping and screws that stabilise the bass end of the nameboard and wrestplank. 

I now have to add additional braces inside the case under the soundboard and two more gap spacers. Photos to follow! What else would I do when not sailing? 
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Oops, what a crack!

Posted by Peter Barnes on Thursday, April 12, 2012, In : Soundboard repairs 
Awaiting repair after a dry spell in church over Christmas....
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