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Greenwich 2015 Exhibition recap.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Sunday, November 15, 2015, In : Greenwich 
It was great meeting so many good friends at Greenwich, and many thanks to harpsichordist Alexandra Kremakova who helped me on my Early Music Shop Keyboard Instruments stand. For the lazy tuners among you we were offering the Roland C30 Digital Harpsichord for £2495 and this prompted me to make 'LESS THAN £2500' signs for many other instruments - a harpsichord, which I could have sold three times (more available on my website), four spinets and a polygonal virginal. There were Bizzi harpsic...
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Greenwich Festival 12th to 14th November 2015.

Posted by Peter Barnes on Tuesday, October 27, 2015, In : Greenwich 
Come and join me in the Painted Hall of the Royal Navel College, where I'll be selling harpsichords in conjunction with The Early Music Shop. On my stand I'll have two harpsichords and two spinets from my showroom in Somerset (quite a car full!) CDs and a book by Colin Booth, used instruments from Yorkshire, new Bizzi harpsichords, and even the latest Rowland electronic harpsichord, which transposes, plays in all sorts of temperaments and never goes out of tune!
There are special exhibition di...
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Greenwich Early Music Show - Fri and Sat 14th and 15th Nov 2014

Posted by Peter Barnes on Thursday, November 13, 2014, In : Greenwich 
Come on down to Greenwich Early Music Show! Great choice of spinets here from £1,300. Plenty to see, and maker's recitals every hour. I'm on the harpsichord stand at the foot of the stairs in the Painted hall. 

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Greenwich - last reminder! Thurs 13th to Sat 15th Nov. 2014

Posted by Peter Barnes on Saturday, November 8, 2014, In : Greenwich 
Colin Booth has just given me CDs to sell for him: A lovely recording of 'The Goldberg Variations', and his new 'Grounds for Pleasure' recording made on an 17th Century, 'Celini' harpsichord which he bought through 'The Number 1 Harpsichord Agency' last year!
On the way to the show I have a harpsichord kit to drop off at the Collingwood Studios and hopefully room for a spinet and the Concert V Zuckermann, which I'm keen for you all to try.
Come down to Greenwich on the boat that leaves from the...
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Early Music Show, Greenwich, 13th -15th November!

Posted by Peter Barnes on Friday, October 24, 2014, In : Greenwich 
Come and see me working for the Early Music Shop! I'll be on the Bizzi harpsichord and used keyboard instruments stand on the turn of the stairs into The Painted Hall. For more details click on this link:
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The Star Turn for Greenwich?

Posted by Peter Barnes on Tuesday, November 5, 2013, In : Greenwich 

The singing, beer making Nuns of Leycock Abbey could be hitting Greenwich Early Music Festival this week. If they don't make it, there's still plenty of harpsichords to see there...Thurs-Sat, 7th-9th November 2013.

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