Welcome to my listing of New and Used Keyboard instruments!

Here is a summary of instruments which are listed in more detail below. Updated 3.6.15

Keene and Brackley Spinet c.1715. £15,995. Sold, but a copy made by Mike Barnes in 2000 is available for £4000.

Chamber Organ by Bates and Son c.1825. £24,000. Reduced to £18,950

John Storrs Double Manual Harpsichord, In good playing condition and with travel cover. £5,400.

English Harpsichord after Thomas Barton by Peter Barnes 2006. 2 x 8' stops, Walnut case with soundboard decoration after Coston. £6,450. 

Italian Harpsichord by Michael Johnson c.1972. 2 x 8' stops, turned stand and travel cover. £3,500.

Zuckermann Flemish Concert V single manual harpsichord made by Alex Loretto, Auckland, 1975. 4' and 2 x 8' stops with buff stop. The compass is five octaves, GG-g3. All three registers have new plectra and dampers. Recently re-painted in red. For sale £3,900.

Zuckermann Flemish Harpsichord 1975. 8 and 4 foot stops. BB-d3 can be tuned to a=440 or 415. With replacement tongues and plectra to 8-foot stop. £2,350.00

Broadwood Square Piano for sale near Woburn in Bedfordshire. In playing condition, for sale for £1,350.

John Morley Double manual harpsichord FF-g3, 2 x 8', 4' and Lute stop. Available as seen £700, or with new plectra and voicing to all registers £1,800.

Zuckermann Italian Harpsichord c.1974, 2 x 8 foot stop and buff. Sold as seen in need of renovation £550. Reserved.

New, 13.3.15: John Storrs Single manual Flemish harpsichord sold as seen £950. Reserved.

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 Keene and Brackley Spinet c.1715. 

This English Bentside Spinet was owned and extensively studied by the late John Barnes. It has been much copied since a plan and booklet of making information was first produced by John Barnes in 1985. Plans for this instrument are available from Marc Vogel in Germany and the booklet called 'Making a Spinet by Traditional Methods' is available from myself. This spinet was sold to Peter Mole in 2006 and he commissioned an extensive restoration by the expert maker and restorer, Malcolm Rose, which was completed in February 2009. These photographs show the instrument's current condition with a new stand and music desk, new jack-rail, new jacks and a restoration of the original soundboard. The sound is sweet and clear. This is a rare chance to purchase an early 18th Century spinet in remarkable condition. Further photographs are on this page: keene-and-brackley-spinet-c1715.php 

Size: 180cm long, 62cm wide and 20cm high.

 On sale for £15,995. Now Sold, but you can buy the copy of this instrument which is below!

Copy of  Keene and Brackley Spinet c.1715, made by Mike Barnes in 2000.

This spinet is made from solid American Walnut on a turned stand with traditional pearwood jacks and ebony with imitation Ivory keyboard. This is an accurate copy of the original spinet apart from the addition of a low G# and high Eb to the compass, giving GG-e3 chromatic. Can be tuned to a=415 or 440. Brass stringing, marquetry panel and traditional brass hinges by David Law.  The tone is sweet and the spinet was voiced by myself c.2003.

Available for £4,000.

New today - 22.5.15 - John Storrs Double Manual Harpsichord, currently in Bournemouth.  This harpsichord has 2 x 8', 4' and buff stops with GG-e3 compass. Can be tuned to a=440/415 and has had recent work on voicing and dampers. In good playing condition and with travel cover. £5,400.


Chamber organ by 

Theodore  Bates & Son, Ludgate  Hill, London, c.1825.

Location: Devon, England Condition: Excellen


Height                         2540mm Width                          1650mm Depth                          775mm


Open Diapason          8f

Stopt Diapason Bass 8ft Clarabel                8f

Principal                      4f

Flute                            4f

Hautboy                       8ft Fifteenth                      2ft

The classical case of flamed Brazilian rosewood is decorated with carved impost, Corinthian capitals and an elaborate cornice. The flat back casework pipes retain their original gilding.

The keyboard has ivory naturals and ebony sharps. The drawstop heads are solid ivory with copperplate hand engraving. The brass candle sconces are original.

The organ has a hitch down Venetian Swell, 3 Combination pedals and a straight and flat 18 note pedalboard. It can be blown by foot or hand.

The instrument is in first class unaltered condition and has never been modified for electric blowing. The double rise reservoir, feeder bellows and pallets have been professionally and sensitively restored. The pipework retains its original cone tuning.

The pedalboard, foot pedals and keyboard retract and the instrument is on rollers to facilitate maintenance.

The instrument is thought to have been built for the Duke of Norfolk at Brands Hatch House.   For sale  £24,000. Reduced to £18,950 

English Harpsichord after Thomas Barton by Peter Barnes.

Iron strung 2x8’ harpsichord with walnut case and stand. GG - f3 compass which transposes A440 / 415. This harpsichord has traditional wooden jacks, guides and keyboard, a detachable lid with solid brass-work and a folding music desk. The solid walnut stand detaches from the harpsichord and can be easily taken apart. The harpsichord is 6’ 3” long, 35” wide and 8” deep.   Orders being taken for new instruments for completion in November 2016. Guide price £8,000-£10,000. Alternatively, this instrument, made in 2006, is available now for £6,450 including cover and adjustable stool.

PB English Harpsichord.MP3

Italian Harpsichord by Michael Johnson c.1972. Brass strung, C-c3 four octave compass, can be tuned to a=440 or 415. 2 x 8' stops, sycamore case, lid, music desk and turned stand with spruce soundboard and travel cover. Light and easily transportable. Will fit in a small hatchback car. £3,500.

 Zuckermann Flemish Concert V single manual harpsichord made by Alex Loretto, Auckland, 1975. 4' and 2 x 8' stops with buff stop. The compass is five octaves, GG-g3 and it can be transposed to a=415 or a=440 (with the loss of top g at a=440). The tuning pins are of the traditional oblong section and have been drilled for ease of stringing. The case is 225cm long, 93cm wide and 28cm high. For sale with replacement plectra, voicing, regulation with the case, lid and stand painted in Red with printed papers inside the lid and round the keywell and soundboard. £3,900.

 Zuckermann Flemish Harpsichord made by Hill, 1975. 8 and 4 foot stops. BB-d3 can be tuned to a=440 or 415. In good playing condition with replacement tongues and plectra to 8-foot stop, spare strings, plectra and tuning key. Complete with brand new travelling cover. Size, 197cm x 84cm x 26cm. The stand can be transported in four, flat sections. An ideal instrument for concert hire. £2,350.00

John Morley 'Revival' Harpsichord for sale.

Double manual FF-g3, 2 x 8', 4', lute and buff stops. Available as seen for £700, or with replacement plectra and voicing to all registers for £1,800. Reserved.

Flemish Harpsichord made in 1979 by Helen and Alan Edgar from John Storrs kit. 2 x 8' and 4' stops. Has simple trestle stand (not shown). The decoration is very tired and the harpsichord requires re-stringing and re-voicing. The front set of jacks and music desk are missing. Available as seen £950. Reserved.

Zuckermann Italian Harpsichord c.1974, 2 x 8 foot stop and buff. Complete with all jacks (one with plastic tongue but all others have replacement wooden tongues), spare strings and tuning key. Strings are currently flat, but will tune to a=415/440. Requires replacement plectra and dampers and setting up. Size 190cm long, 84cm wide and 21cm deep. Provided with three turned legs which need to be fitted to the underside of the case. For sale as seen £550. Reserved.

Broadwood Square Piano available near Woburn in Bedfordshire. 

In playing condition and for sale for £1350.

Indian Satin Wood Veneer c.1960. Cut by circular saw, 1.3mm thick. 140cm x 40cm max, 120cm x 30cm minimum, plus 4 smaller pieces of similar veneer. Would make several beautiful nameboards! £120.

I am happy to deliver within the U.K. for a reasonable charge, but please make your own transport arrangements if you are buying from abroad. 

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