Welcome to my listing of Keyboard instruments.

Here is a summary of instruments available, which are listed in more detail below. Updated 12.7.2017.

Peter Barnes, English Harpsichord after Thomas Barton.

Iron stringing with 2 x 8' stops, Walnut case and stand. Soundboard painting by Jennifer Douglas. Transposing 415/440 GG-f3. Now sold, but new English Harpsichords built to order from £9,600. 

Single Manual Flemish Harpsichord after Ruckers. Traditional soundboard painting, turned Chestnut Stand and marbled case decoration. Newly built by Peter Barnes from a set of parts made by John Storrs. Available to view now, and for sale after a Bath Festival hiring in June 2017.

2 x 8' and 4' stops. GG-e3 Transposing 396/415/440. 

This harpsichord is now Sold, but Flemish harpsichords built to order from £12,000.

Used instruments:

Harpsichord after Kirchmann, made in 1963 by John Barnes. Available for long term hire. £100 per month plus delivery and collection.

You can contact me by phone on 01373 831498 or 07733619002, or by email peterbarnes850@btinternet.com or via this page: contact-us-and-instrument-transport-links.php

Peter Barnes, new English Harpsichord after Thomas Barton.

Iron strung, 2x8’ harpsichord, walnut case and stand. GG - f3 compass which transposes A440 / 415. This harpsichord has traditional wooden jacks, guides and keyboard, a detachable lid with solid brass-work and a folding music desk. The solid walnut stand detaches from the harpsichord and can be easily taken apart. The harpsichord is 203cm long, 89cm wide and 20cm deep. Soundboard painting by Jennifer Douglas.

Available to order. 


Right, and below are photographs of my previous English harpsichord, which was made in 2016.

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Single Manual Flemish Harpsichord after Ruckers. Traditional soundboard painting by Jennifer Douglas, printed papers, turned Chestnut Stand and stool and marbled case decoration including on the spine. Newly built by Peter Barnes from parts made c.2000 by John Storrs. Available for sale now. (Please note that texts in the lid are still pending, but included in the asking price.)

2 x 8' and 4' stops plus buff. The compass is GG-e3 and the keyboard transposes 396/415/440. 

£6,800. Now Sold.

Bentside Spinet by Alec Hodsdon. CC-e3 compass with buff stop.

Walnut case and stand, can be tuned to a=440/415. In good playing order. Size 171cm long x 62cm at widest point, (from the back to the treble end of the keyboard) x 19cm high. The spinet rests on a removable stand which makes the total height 80cm. Includes traveling cover and spare strings, tuning key, etc. Sold.

Available for long term hire:

Harpsichord after Kirchman, made by John Barnes 1963.

FF-f3 compass, can be tuned to a=440 or 415.

2 x 8 foot stops plus 4 foot and buff stop.

Traditional sound, but 'revival' style case design.

£100 per month plus a delivery and collection charge.

Double Bass, made by Peter Barnes in 2016, for sale £1,800. More details and photos on my Double Bass page: 

Double Bass made by Peter Barnes in 2016, for sale £1,800. More details on my Double Bass page: double-bass.php